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All dressed up

Do we have an idea of what teenage girls want from life? What do they like and dislike about their lives? What are their hopes for the future?

Karen Robinson's project in association with Newcastle's Side Gallery is an attempt to get beneath the skin of a group of teenage girls living in the North East of England. This isn't a story about how difficult their lives must be. It respects who they are without glossing over the teenage pregnancies, the drinking and the drug-taking. At times it is unbearably poignant. When Aimee is asked, 'what is your dream?' she replies, 'I don't really have dreams, you only get disappointment in the end. I just take it day by day. It's safer that way.'

Although many of the girls are dealing daily with the responsibility of being young mothers, the end of year school prom returns them to their adolescence - their anticipation, flirtation and enjoyment proving that they have not yet abandoned their youth for womanhood and they still get a kick out of being a girl.
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