From the beginning of the Bosnian conflict in 1992, Paul Lowe takes us on a journey through Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Gorazde and Mostar - places that back then reverberated in the daily headlines much as Fallujah and Basra have done in more recent times. But the war in Bosnia ended in 1995, and now these once familiar names have faded into obscurity.

Paul Lowe's relationship with the country has endured far beyond the horrors of war. His stunning black and white photographs capture the life emerging from catastrophe, as the Bosnians survive, mourn and move forward. Lovers, refugees reclaiming their homes, kids, old men and fashionistas populate this work, along with desolate landscapes, rebuilt bridges and parties. A unique document spanning more than a decade, Bosnians is an intimate, highly personal study of the conflict and the subsequent reconstruction of both the people and their nation.
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