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Design for a Living World

Commissioned by the Nature Conservancy, one of the leading conservation organisations working to preserve ecologically vital waters and lands for nature and people, Ami Vitale travelled to the US states of Alaska, Maine and Idaho and to the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico, China and Australia to capture the natural environments where the raw materials for everyday objects are sourced. Ten designers were invited to create objects out of the wood, plants, wool and other sustainable materials sourced in these regions, resulting in a series of intriguing objects that reveal the human connection to the earth's lands and waters.
Through this collaborative effort, entitled Design for a Living World, the Nature Conservancy hoped to encourage people to engage in conservation by choosing sustainable materials which support, rather than deplete, the natural environment.

The work was exhibited from April until November 2011 in Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millennium Park.
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