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Eight ways to change the world

Britain's leading charities come together in a unique photographic exhibition produced by Panos Pictures to challenge world leaders to deliver their promises. In September 2005 the United Nations gathered for a summit to review progress on the eight Millennium Development Goals, which were set in 2000. Seven Panos photographers set out to explore what the reality of the goals meant to people in the developing world.Eight Ways to Change the World, held in conjunction with DFID, Concern, VSO, ActionAid, Plan International, Interact Worldwide, the Panos Institute and WaterAid, has been exhibited in London and Edinburgh. The exhibition showcases the work of Panos Pictures' award-winning photographers, illustrating these familiar issues from new and challenging perspectives. The photographs bring the lives of the ordinary people at the
raw end of the global anti-poverty campaign sharply into focus. The exhibition also challenges visitors to make a pledge to do one thing themselves to change the world. Their pledges will be displayed, pinned up with their portraits, as a colourful interactive installation representing the eighth goal, to develop a global partnership for development. Jeffrey Sachs, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on the Millennium Development Goals comments:
"This remarkable exhibition of photographs on behalf of the Millennium Development Goals brilliantly highlights our common humanity. We look at photos of people living in extreme poverty, but see first and foremost their humanity and spirit and dedication even in the midst of extreme deprivation."

The exhibition is a stark reminder of how much further the UN member states need to go to deliver the goals. In many cases, there is a huge gulf between what has been secured for the developing world and what the ambitious, yet
simple, goals set out to do.
"In 2000, leaders from the 189 countries in the United Nations promised to deliver eight Millennium Development Goals by 2015. These goals are ambitious, but they are simple and achievable. We must keep them to their promise. Only world leaders can deliver aid, cancel debt and make trade fair. But it is ordinary citizens who have brought them to the negotiating table, by standing up and demanding justice. We challenge the UN member
states to examine their consciences and ensure they do not fall short of their promises."
Adrian Evans, Director, Panos Pictures
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