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Election Week in Burma

The 7th of November 2010 saw the first 'democratic' election in Burma since 1990. Many had hoped that this would be an historic opportunity for the long suffering Burmese people to put an end to the junta's military dictatorship and herald a new era for this troubled land.

Sadly (but correctly) the elections were condemned in advance by the international community and boycotted by Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy because of the military's farcical hijacking of the poll. One third of the seats were reserved for the military and 40 of the supposed civilian candidates of the junta's Union Solidarity and Development party were military officers who only recently resigned from the army so that they could stand.

International observers and the foreign media were barred from entering the country to cover the vote, but Adam Dean did not let that put him off. He told us that in the week leading up to the elections, security seemed to have been stepped up and the mood on the streets was becoming increasingly tense:

'Working as a photographer here is hard at the best of times. You're never sure who to trust and who to confide in for fear of expulsion or, worse still, getting the local people you work with into trouble.'
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