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Farewell to the Iron Lady

Loathed by some, admired by others, respected by many, Margaret Thatcher was a seminal political figure during her long premiership and beyond. Whatever people thought and think of her, she was a personality who elicited strong reactions and goes down in British history as one of the country's most prominent leaders. In parts of London and other British cities, spontaneous parties were organised to 'celebrate' her demise while parliament was recalled from recess commemorate the former prime minister. Her funeral on 17 April 2013 - a ceremonial cortege through Central London comprising members of all three armed forces bearing the coffin to St Paul's Cathedral for a service in front of 2,300 people - caused controversy for its cost and elaborateness.

Yet thousands turned up to line the streets, each with very personal reasons for attending the event.

Marcus Rose went through the crowd, asking each person why they were there on this day.
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