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Halal Tourism

The halal-friendly tourism industry is the fastest growing travel sector. For observant Muslims looking for a package holiday in the sun, the halal holiday market caters for the rules governing daily life in Islam. These niche hotels and resorts are increasingly prevalent in Turkey, a country that has seen a steep increase in piety among its population, with half of the world's halal hotels located here.

Halal hotels do not allow alcohol on site, serve only halal meals, have gender segregated swimming pools, spas, gyms and beach areas and require women to observe a strict and modest dress code.

The resorts also offer on site prayer and mosque facilities and shield female-only areas with high walls and screen that provide complete privacy, both from hotel staff and other guests relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

Popular with European Muslims and pious Turks, the halal tourism industry is capitalising on feelings of discomfort many Muslim holidaymakers experience when holidaying in more permissive countries.

Bradley Secker explored the quirks of a very different holiday experience.
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