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Holi-Festival of Colours

Around the Braj region of India which is most closely associated with the festival of Holi, revellers gather at the Shriji Temple (Laadli Sarkar Mahal) in Barsana during Lath mar Holi which usually falls around March. They throw coloured powder at each other and water fights ensue, ensuring that everyone is smeared in various colours. The event is a popular tourist attraction and people make the pilgrimage to get a glimpse of Lord Shiva who said to briefly reveal himself in the temple during the festival.
On the following day men from Barsana head to the neighbouring town of Nandgaon where they are playfully beaten by local women with their lathis (sticks) re-enacting a story that is told of the Lord Krishna who came to visit his beloved Radha but was rebuffed by the women of Barsana, Radha's village, after teasing her. The women also spray the intruders with coloured water and covered in coloured powder. People also consume 'thandai', a drink laced with cannabis paste.

Holi is celebrated across northern India and has become a major draw for tourist from around the world. The double celebration between Barsana and Nandgaon remains the heart of Holi in India.
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