Morocco, a Muslim country whose culture is a blend of Arab, Berber, European and African influences, feels more than most the tension between modernity and tradition which is a feature of the Islamic world.

King Mohammed VI, who came to power in 1999, has made some progress in transforming political institutions and opening the country up to greater democracy. His most radical move has been to address the thorny question of the position and role of women in an Islamic society. A key reform was the adoption of a new Mudawana - legal family code - which puts Morocco on the path to becoming one of the most progressive countries in terms of women's rights in the Arab world. Alfredo Caliz has been documenting Morocco for the last decade. The publication of Inshallah Marruecos 1996 - 2006 (Fundacion Tres Culturas del Mediterraneo) brings his photographs together in a book that unravels the complexities of a modern Arabic country at the crossroads of the 21st century.
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