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Investing in Iskandar

With golf courses, marinas, hotel complexes and amusement parks mushrooming out of the ground and the waters along the the Straits of Johor, Malaysia's watery border with Singapore, the area is being transformed into an Eldorado for the region's investors. In 2006, the state of Johor launched the 'Iskandar Malaysia Project', named after the late Iskandar ibni Ismail Al-Khalidi, the previous Sultan of Johor, which has seen massive infrastructure projects spring up, designed to attract investment and and drive forward economic development in this strategically placed part of the country. In Nusajaya, located just across the Straits from Singapore, the Puteri Harbour Marina has been attracting Singaporean investors looking to speculate on property and private buyers taking advantage of the cheaper property prices and looking to commute across to work. Most of the newly built housing here sells off-plan, on the first day. A few kilometres away, Asia's first theme park, Legoland Malaysia, opened its doors in September 2012. With 40 merry-go-rounds, shows and attractions it is the centrepiece of a sprawling shopping complex including shops, office buildings, hotels and houses. The area is continually changing, with more housing, leisure complexes and family friendly facilities drawing increasing numbers of tourists.

Ian Teh went to look at the breathtaking building boom taking place.
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