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Land of Fire

The southern tip of South America, made up of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and thousands of smaller islands, is separated from the continent by the Strait of Magellan, where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet in tempestuous seas, and shared between Chile and Argentina. Here, the Andes lunge rightward after forming the vertical spine of the continent for thousands of miles.

As in much of South America the indigenous inhabitants of the territory were virtually wiped out by the invading colonialists taking the land and bringing unfamiliar diseases. But colonialisation was not able to overpower nature which explodes in riotous colours in autumn and then settles into a magical white winterscape.

From their base at Ushuaia, they ventured out into the sprawling National Park .
"With each step we took, nature gave us a new gift." Karla remembers fondly. "We played with our cameras in a paradise of surreal colors and forms that were both quietly simple and loudly complex. The compositional possibilities were endless."

After many months of traveling and photographing the stunning variety of life and nature across South America they had reached their destination. "Being in that park changed who I am." says Karla.

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