As the world's population shifts from the countryside to the cities, the urban areas need to expand in order to hold the influx of people. One could go to the empty pueblos in the countryside to explore this shift. Another way to document this phenomenon is to photograph the migrants living in these big cities. Here, in Rumihuaico, I can do both. Literally right before my eyes, the countryside is transforming into cities and suburbs. There is no other option. Without the construction of the superhighway, which runs directly through my barrio, Quito and its suburbs would collapse. Advancement? That is a question that can't be answered, but only asked by these images. Will hundreds of years of ancestral knowledge be lost? As the older generation dies out, it is likely that most of their customs will go with them. Is it more valuable for a young person to learn the ways of her elders, or perhaps get a more 'scientific' education? Is it better for a teenage boy to know how to work the land or know how to use an iPad? What if they can do both? If you talk to the older generations, it is clear that their agricultural knowledge is not being passed down. Are Hollywood flicks a healthier form of entertainment than cockfights? There are no right answers to these questions, but they definitely need to be asked. The only definite is that change is coming, and it is coming fast. I think it is important to document this change in order to understand what is happening in my barrio and all over the world.
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