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One Day in History 2011

In Norway, the 22nd of July 2011 has etched itself into the collective and private memory forever. That day, a car bomb killed eight people and wreaked havoc in the government quarter of Oslo. While emergency services dealt with the fallout of the bomb, the man who had planted it made his way to the island of Utoya where the annual summer camp of the Workers Youth League (AUF), the then ruling Norwegian Labour Party's youth wing, was taking place. There, he systematically killed 69 young people who had nowhere to run or hide. Around 500 survived the massacre. Many of them emerged severely scarred. More than half of the survivors were under the age of 18. While they have returned to their lives now, going to school, spending time with friends and falling in love, they are reminded constantly of that day's horrific events, bearing the scars on their bodies and in their minds. What happened that day has changed their lives and the lives of most Norwegians.
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