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Remembering Oslo and Utøya

On 22 January 2012 it will be 6 months since the quiet calm of summery Oslo was rent apart by a huge bomb blast that tore through the central government and business district and killed 8 people in the area. As the Norwegian capital went into a state of panicked disarray the man who had detonated the bomb - 32 year old Anders Behring Breivik - made his way to the nearby island of Utoya where the youth wing of the Labour Party was holding its annual summer camp. Dressed as a policeman, he unleashed another wave of killings with multiple firearms, hunting down and killing 69 young people who had nowhere to hide. When police finally got to the island, Breivik gave himself up without a struggle. Panos photographer Fredrik Naumann, who lives in central Oslo, was on the scene of the bombing within 10 minutes and documented the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Over the following days, Espen Rasmussen, a resident of nearby Harekroken, and Tom Pilston, who had come from the UK, documented the collective collective grief and the expressions of resilience and strength that emanted from the residents of the city and the families of those who had been killed or wounded. Fredrik Naumann also visited the island of Utoya in August, once the police had scoured it for any available evidence. His photo story can be viewed HERE.
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