Robotica is a series of short stories exploring different ways robots are changing the way we conduct our daily lives. They are at the cutting edge of technology, innovation that could potentially alter the way we live. Autonomous machines. Artificial intelligence. Cybernetic Organisms. But it's also more than that. Robots have taken on a special significance in our collective psyche. In our pop-culture fed imaginations, robots almost always lead to disaster on an apocalyptic scale. And yet, we are pushing ever harder to make them part of the human experience. Each story in the series looks at the emotional connection a person and a robot can have. In Japan, robotic pets are often cherished and even loved. In California, one man wants to build a sex robot that you might actually emotionally connect with. In Baltimore, a double amputee is experimenting with a pair of robotic prosthetics that he says makes him feel 'more human'. In Boston Children's Hospital, a robotic teddy bear is hoping to give comfort to sick kids by reminding them to be a children. Robot cars. Sex robots. Robotic pets. Social robotics. Robots that look like us. Man and machine. Can a person and a robot have an emotional relationship? This isn't a series about technology, though that part is slightly unavoidable. It's really a story about being human.

The series Robotica was commissioned by the New York Times. Each story is made up of both a short documentary film and a series of stills. The films were directed by Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari. The stills were taken by Zackary Canepari.
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