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ROC - Republic of Cycling

Imagine a proudly independent, mist-shrouded island nation, a country of tinkering backyard inventors, small-scale industrial manufacturers, shopkeepers and farmers. A nation home to a vibrant Baby Boom generation with money to spend on leisure pursuits and the newly won time in which to enjoy them. This Elysium, by happy coincidence, is also the worlds' leading producer and exporter of bicycles, a land laced with winding country roads that lead down from deserted highlands through vibrant factory towns to a long and dramatic coastline, B&Bs dotted along the way. Here, friendly locals cheer as you ride by, fill your water bottle for free with an obliging smile and, should you stop to ask for directions, ply you with snacks and beer. Could this be a vision of England in the 1960s? Not quite. It's Taiwan, today. The ROC - Republic of China or Republic of Cycling. Chris Stowers navigated the islands winding lanes and bustling cities to investigate.
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