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Sandomierz Submerged

The historic town of Sandomierz in south-eastern Poland, close to Lublin and the border with Ukraine, is a major magnet for intrepid tourists on their way through Poland. Located near the junction of the Vistula and San rivers, the city became an important trading post in Eastern Poland and still boasts a number of impressive churches, a castle and a large town hall.

In May 2010, disaster struck when the dykes controlling the flow of the river Vistula gave way, inundating the town of 25,000 with a deluge of muddy flood waters. Polish rescue teams struggled to evacuate tens of thousands of people from their homes in the flood hit region and were helped from rescue teams from the Baltic States after asking for European assistance.

Kacper Kowalski was able to take a series of unique images from the vantage point of his plane, flying high over the stricken region, to capture the extent and severity of the disaster.

Click HERE to view a detailed website on the flooding in and around Sandomierz.
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