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Slave Britain

As Britain commemorated 200 years since the abolition of the slave trade, Panos produced an exhibition to reveal how human trafficking is a bitter reality for thousands of women, men and children in the UK today. Slave Britain artfully documents the ordinary lives and everyday locations caught up in trafficking and calls for an end to this illegal 21st century trade. The show was produced by Panos Pictures in partnership with Amnesty International, Anti-Slavery International, Eaves and UNICEF UK.

The photographs, by Panos photographers Karen Robinson and David Rose, represent a rare and intimate insight into the mechanics of this fastest growing form of modern day slavery and explore the devastating impact it has on people's lives. The exhibition sought to expose the reality of trafficking in the UK and the action needed to tackle it and was used to lobby the UK government to make good on its recent promise to sign and ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings in order to guarantee minimum standards of protection and support for trafficked people. The exhibition achieved its aim with the government signing up to the convention later that year.

The photographs were challengingly mounted on a cage-like structure which was specially designed for the imposing and inspiring setting of St Paul's Cathedral. The exhibition was also shown in Edinburgh, Hull and Warsaw. The images begin with Karen Robinson's portraits of those who have been enslaved by trafficking. Further on, you will see David Rose's panoramic photographs of the ordinary British streets where the stories of modern-day slavery have been played out. Rose also made portraits of the modern-day abolitionists - the people who are working to stop this trafficking in human beings.

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