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Swing State

Photographer Robert Wallis and writer Jennifer Wallace have criss-crossed the 'swing state' of Florida on the eve of the U.S. presidential elections. With its large number of electoral college votes and an almost even split between Democratic and Republican voters, Florida could once again play a pivotal role in deciding who will be the next president - just like it did in 2000 when it swung the election for George W. Bush. The polls now have Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in an almost dead heat and passions are running high. Wallis and Wallace have documented the wide ideological gulf separating the two parties and their different visions for the country's future. Although the economy is the key issue on both sides of the political divide, the government's role in the economy is where the split is most strongly felt.

Gun control, religion and 'moral' issues, such as abortion and gay marriage also play an important role for those on the right and climate change remains a concern on the left, though most Floridians feel that, if the planet is warming, there is little they can do to stop it. Afghanistan is hardly discussed, as people have become disillusioned with the longest war in America's history.

Although it is said that all politics are local, when Americans vote for their leader the impact is global.
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