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Syrian Nakhba

Over 13 million Syrians have been forced to leave their homes due to the country's ongoing civil war. More than half have left the country, the majority of them to neighbouring countries, predominantly Turkey.

Bradley Secker, based in Istanbul, met and interviewed a handful of families who have had to flee. To visualise their fate he photographed them holding the keys to their houses, many of which may not be standing anymore.

Each image reveals the name and age of the person, the location of the house, the last time they saw their home and what the notion of 'home' means to them.

'Nakhba' is an Arabic word that means 'tragedy'. Historically it has been used to refer to the Palestinian experience following the foundation of the state of Israel.

The keys are symbolic of the hope of these Syrian refugees that they will one day return to their homes and resume their lives that were shattered by the 'Nakhba' of the Syrian civil war.
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