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The Age of Innocence

The terrorist attacks of 26th November 2008 left a stain on Mumbai. There had been attacks and bombs before, but this time it was upon the new Mumbai, the city connected with the world - the new face that was rising out of the old stagnations, the communal violence and overwhelming poverty check by jowl with movie stars and fortunes to be made.

This story predates the attacks. In fact, it was completed on the 25th November, one day before India's 9/11. If this were not Mumbai with its slums, its mercantilism, its pollution and overcrowding it might have been called a snapshot of innocence lost. It is however a document of how things were and just might be again, depending on whether the city can live up to a piece of graffiti the photographer found scrawled on its breakwater - 'No compromise, only fight'.
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