The Square Mile, otherwise known as The City, is London's business and financial centre, home to the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange. This small patch of land, one of the richest on earth, has been shaken to its foundations by the recent global financial crises. For many years I have lived a few short miles from this place without really being aware of the impact its financial institutions have on our lives. It is a secret, hidden world that is both familiar and at the same time alien. It seems that we entrusted the running of the economy to those in authority who we believed understand the mechanisms of our financial system. The recent economic meltdown and the resulting global recession has made a nonsense of this trust and I am left with an acute awareness of my own apathy. Photography is inherently superficial, it captures the surface of things and therefore will not give us a deeper insight without some outside help. But it can be a great tool for expressing a mood and I wanted to explore the mood of the City. I felt that if I somehow concentrated on the moments that were not necessarily 'decisive' or the peak of a photographic expression, but instead focused on the spaces between, I might end up with a collection of images that caught people alone in their thoughts while in a very public space. Their expressions and the details of their clothing, the surroundings and their mannerisms, might express some collective mood.
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