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The Last Battle Against Ebola

As countries across West Africa announce that they have finally managed to contain the worst Ebola outbreak ever which has claimed over 11,000 lives, the virus continues to linger in Guinea, the country where it first struck. Guinea's decision not to isolate anyone who may have come in contact with infected people is blamed by some for the persistence of the epidemic. Even family members of people who have died of Ebola are allowed to remain in their homes as long as they have their temperatures measured regularly. Guinea is unique in this respect and local health officials were following WHO recommendations when deciding on this approach. WHO officials re-assessed the situation in Guinea following events like the death of eight people, including aid workers and journalists, who were killed when they tried to enter a village where there were known Ebola cases. Taking a softer approach and focusing on trust-building between the local population and health workers, Guinea is now trying to combat the very last traces of Ebola and draw a line under a tragic chapter that brought fear and suffering to an impoverished nation.
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