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The missing

During the four year conflict in Bosnia more than 200,000 citizens were killed. Most of these were Muslim civilians murdered by paramilitaries during the ethnic cleansing of eastern and western Bosnia. Towns like Priedor, Banja Luka, Foca, Zepa and of course Srebrenica, became as familiar as the names of capital cities around the world, but for a far more tragic reason.

Many of those killed were executed by their neighbours and friends, others by gangs of paramilitaries who rounded up the population before murdering them en masse and dumping the bodies in mass graves hidden in the hills and forests of Bosnia. Some 20,000 of these victims are still unaccounted for, lying buried and hidden in secret locations. Every year, the Bosnia Commission for missing persons helped by the International Commission for Missing Persons, ICMP, send out teams of investigators to locate and exhume these victims, and then identify their remains and return them to their loved ones for burial. This painstaking and gruesome process brings final relief and closure to the surviviors, who can them try to rebuild their shattered lives.
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