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The Royal Danish Ballet

'Life at the ballet is naturally alluring. Ballet dancers must live in absolute discipline, and from childhood they encounter many defeats, not to mention the constant fear of being rejected. They live and breathe to deliver sublime art. In this project I tried to frame the moods and aesthetics that the ballet is surrounded by. Former NYCB principal dancer Nikolaj Hübbe has been the Artistic Director of the centuries-old cultural institution in the middle of Copenhagen since 2008. The first years of his new role was marked by chaos and personal scandals, but he has managed to maintain his visionary and slightly 'un-Danish' style and revolutionised the Danish ballet scene. His skills and raw energy eventually turned him into a beloved ballet master and under his supervision the ballet has hatched some of the greatest talents in the modern ballet scene including such greats as Alban Lendorf, Ida Praetorius, Jonathan Chmelensky, Holly Jean Dorger and Andreas Kaas.' Christian Als, 2017

Christian Als has been photographing the Royal Danish Ballet for the past 5 years.
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