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The Siege of Misurata

When Guy Martin went to Libya in April 2011, he was aware of the dangers facing journalists on the ground. The situation along the frontline was fast-moving and impossibly fluid. Having covered the unpredictable frontline in the West of the country, he boarded a rescue boat heading for Misurata, a rebel held city that had been under constant government attack since the beginning of the uprising.

On 20 April Guy Martin and three other photographers - Tim Hetherington, Chris Hondros and Michael Christopher Brown - were photographing along the frontline between rebel and government fighters when a wall they were using as shelter was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were mortally wounded and tragically died that day. Guy sustained severe injuries to his abdomen caused by shrapnel. All three were rushed to Misurata's chaotic and overstretched hospital where courageous doctors were receiving dozens of casualties a day but were unable to save Tim and Chris.

After extensive surgery Guy was transported from Libya by boat to Malta. On 10 May he was well enough to be taken back to the UK to recuperate in a local hospital.

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