Tudo Bom?! All Good?!
Throughout the four weeks in which the world's top footballing nations battle it out for the game's highest trophy - the World Cup - Zackary Canepari is going on a road trip across Brazil to capture a flavour of this vast, fascinating and diverse country as it stands in the global limelight. Ever since the term 'BRIC countries' was coined, binding Brazil to such economic giants as Russia, India and China, Latin America's largest economy has notched up an average of 5% annual GDP growth, making it one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. Since 1950, when the country last hosted the World Cup, Brazil has been transformed beyond recognition with tens of millions of people lifted out of poverty.
With games taking place in 12 cities, thousands of miles apart, Zackary's trip is taking him from the economic powerhouse of Sao Paulo to the hedonistic bustle of Rio de Janeiro and from Recife on the Pacific Coast to the tropical heat of Manaus. In a country where football is akin to a national religion, the 2014 World Cup has inflamed passions across the country. Cheering on their national team, Brazilians from all walks of life have been swept up in the football fever. There are those, as well, who feel aggrieved at the high expenditure of hosting the World Cup while public services are struggling and rent rises have forced people out of their homes some cities. Rio will host the Olympics in 2016 and many have vented their anger at government corruption and overspend on both sporting events.

Zackary is sending images from his journey across Brazil on a daily basis, compiling a unique collage of a country showing off its economic achievements and the people who make Brazil into the colourful patchwork it is today. Some of his encounters are planned, others completely random and spontaneous. The journey is less about football and the World Cup than about the place and the people, capturing the energy of country on the move.

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