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Wealth Management

The term 'wealth management' is used in the elite retail divisions of international banks to distinguish special banking services from the mass-market offerings. It refers to a personalised service which combines financial advice, investment strategy and legal planning, all for a single fee. Using tax havens and relying on the complicity of supranational legal frameworks, clients of private banks offering these kind of services gain access to privileged information and a powerful web of influence that ensures their wealth accumulates consistently. Wealth management, therefore, is the practice of helping the rich get even richer while simultaneously depriving the public coffers of funds that would usually accrue from tax revenues. Private banks, like many other powerful organisations, are the masters of euphemism and understatement. They communicate in a limpid, refined and seductive language, both written and visual, inviting the wealthy to join them in the joy of accumulation. This photo series seeks to reflect on the subject of 'Wealth Management', exploring how the world of the super rich would look if the flattering makeup and and advertising glazing were stripped away. This series is about the world of the ultra-rich and their agents - a world where money doesn't always deliver happiness and where the greatest luxury of all is being invisible, inaccessible and therefore invulnerable.

The crucial question, however, remains - given the chance to be part of this privileged layer of society, would one be willing to distribute one's wealth or would one simply look the other way and play the game.

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