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Work can Wait

Recently I have been focusing on the education of impoverished children in Bangladesh and ways to get them into school to have a better future for themselves, their families, as well as for Bangladesh.

Just a few months before the Coronavirus lockdown, by the grace of God, I was able to admit a new group of 24 working children to school and I am currently monitoring them very closely. I am regularly visiting their homes to assess their situation. Hopefully, in a few months, I will be able to admit more child labourers to school after all the schools open again.

To get working children to school, I have had to go door to door many times, asking their their parents to send them to school. In the end I was able to convince some of the parents about the importance of education.

I motivated them to send their children to school. It was not at all easy. To encourage them I had to take full financial responsibility for these children including their admission fees, tuition fees, daily food, books, clothes and also some financial compensate for their parents to make up for the money they would have earned if they had been working instead of going to school. I will also bear all the children's expenses to ensure that they will continue to go to school! I have made these commitments for my entire life.

Over 4 million children are struggling in our country. Maybe it is difficult, but it is not impossible to give hope to these children. If only every capable person would give a hand for one child, miracles would happen which could transform our society into a better-educated population which could actively contribute to its development and benefit all of us.

GMB Akash, 2021
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