Nyani Quarmyne (38) More files...
Ghanaian/Australian b.1973

A self-taught photographer, when Nyani discovered photography he quickly abandoned his former career to become a full time photographer. He refers to himself as a 'hybridised African' having been born in India to a Ghanaian father and Filipino mother and having lived in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Canada, Australia, the USA and Ghana, in addition to the countries where his work and his travels have taken him. His work hinges on the sameness he sees in all of us.

Presently based in Accra, Ghana, Nyani has undertaken assignments internationally for a wide variety of NGOs, corporate and editorial clients. His current personal interests include the living conditions and care arrangements of the mentally ill, the expression of faith in all its forms, and the Sahel region.

A fire eater blows a ball of flame.
Youths play soccer in a derelict building in Jamestown.
Women sweep sand towards the sea in a forlorn atempt to control thier homes...
A cat sniffs at a bucket beside the fields of on an organic farm.
A woman dances at a pow-wow.
Clouds and autumnal foliage reflected in a stream.
A farmer stacks bales of wheat in a field on an organic farm.
Mary Afedzi (40) and her daughter, Francisca Afedzui (4), stand in the doorway...
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