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Young boy.
High school students listening to a talk on contraception and sexual health.
The 12th century medieval citadel, the birthplace of Vlad Tepes (Vlad III the...
High school students reading contraceptive educational materials during a talk...
Home-grown tobacco for sale in the market.
Market selling imported second-hand clothing.
High school students examine a condom advice leaflet and other contraceptive...
Blacksmith making axe heads on an anvil.
Facade of the former Securitate headquarters in which the Romanian...
Fishing boats offloading their catch.
Litter bin for aluminium cans in Kings Park.
Taxi parked outside a pre-communist era villa.
Houseboat dweller fishing in the Red River.
A pregnant woman receives an ultrasound examination at a communal health centre.
Secondary school girls ride bicycles on their way to school.
Contraceptive pills are shown at the clinic of a reproductive health NGO.
Young woman attending family planning clinic.
Family planning motivator educating workers in a meat processing factory.
Outreach worker from family planning NGO giving condoms to sex worker.
Family planning NGO workers giving routine health check to sex workers in a...
Doctor examining pregnant woman in a mobile health clinic.
Illiterate primary health care worker next to her medicine chest with...
Family planning NGO workers collecting information about slum dwellers.
Crowded market street.
Quality control in a vanilla processing plant.
Young girl breaking stones.
A government veterinary worker tasked with spraying incoming poultry shipments...
Rabbits on sale from a street stall. Following an outbreak of avian influenza...
Fish being graded.
Family planning outreach worker.
Family planning clinic in marketplace.
Fishermen rowing their boats at dawn through the breakers before raising the...
Beach near Margaret River.
The Pinnacles desert, Nambung National Park.
Market crowds.
River taxis.
View over the city rooftops.
AIDS education for community health volunteers.
Primary health care.
Novice monk learning English in a monastery school.
Women attending a talk on family planning in a slum district.
Intermediate technology: a small hydro-electric generator powers a villages...
Woman being treated in a mobile health clinic.
Language classes for young refugees in a centre set up for victims of rape and...
Antenatal check-up in maternity clinic.
Young mother from the slums attending family planning meeting.
Research project workers collecting information on slum dwellers by filling...
Worker in a garment factory.
Rickshaw traffic jam in city centre.
Family planning outreach worker counselling sex workers.
Mobile medical clinic visiting an area hit by cholera.
AIDS awareness poster.
AIDS awareness talk for women.
Transvestites (Hijra) standing in front of a poster featuring a Bollywood film...
Detail of a mural celebrating 50 years of the Vietnamese army, showing...
Young girl performing quality control in a vanilla processing plant.
Polio immunisation for children.
Crowded streets.
Antenatal check-up in maternity clinic.
AIDS education for community health volunteers.
AIDS awareness educator talks to sex workers in a brothel.
State primary school.
Girls crocheting in a state primary school.
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