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People hang from a Cable Car as it travels past a grand building on one of the...
A Coca-Cola truck turns onto one of the city's iconic steep streets.
A steep San Francisco street where fire escapes hang from the rear of every...
A man stands on the rear of a San Francisco Cable Car as it travels through...
Los Angeles Union Station.
A group of children gathered on the porch of a house in downtown St Louis.
Children looking out of the open window in the rear of an estate car driving...
A female member of the congregation outside a Baptist Church.
Members of the congregation in their Sunday best stand on the steps of a...
The St Louis Gateway Arch.
Two young boys ride 'two-up' on a bicycle in downtown St Louis.
Ollie's Grill in downtown St Louis.
Two young boys sitting on a roadside bollard at a road junction in St Louis.
American cars in a parking lot in St Louis.
Two women stand beside a white Buick car watching a steamboat as it prepares...
Members of the congregation and the pastor stand on the steps of a Baptist...
Bluefield seen from a passing Amtrak train.
A religous Confederate anniversary service in a church in Cheyenne.
A hot dog stall at a Rodeo Fair in Cheyenne.
Cowboy boots for sale in a ranchwear store in Cheyenne.
Stetson hats for sale in a ranchwear store in Cheyenne.
Winners of the Cheyenne Rodeo Beauty Pagent with a church pastor.
Two couples, the men both wearing stetsons, on a night out in Cheyenne.
A group of African-AMerican tourists in Cheyenne, all wearing stetson hats.
An Amtrak train approaches Cheyenne Station.
A woman feeds pigeons outside South Kensington Station in London.
Trailers carrying Post Office repairs parts at the roadside in Soho , London.
A woman exits a newsagents selling foreign newspapers and magazines in Soho,...
A shop selling Durex condoms, sunglasses, perfumes and hair products on...
A man reads a newspaper beside his stall selling tourist trinkets on...
Headline billboards from the Evening News and the Evening Standard on...
Wigs on display in the London Hair Fair salon in Piccadilly, London.
A man reads a newspaper in front of E Joseph on the corner of Great Newport...
A man carrying a sandwich board advertising the sale of unclaimed lost...
Neon signs and the Eros Statue reflected in a window in Piccadilly Circus,...
A well dressed couple walking through Piccadilly Circus, at the bottom of...
Photographs in the window of a photographer's shop in Notting Hill, London.
The Electric Cinema in Portobello, Notting Hill, London.
The North Kensington Labour Party's headquarters in Notting Hill, London.
A child paints a wall in a play scheme park in Notting Hill, North Kensington,...
A line from William Blake's 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell' on the wall of a...
A woman selling bananas and tomatoes from a stall in Portobello Road market in...
Wigs displayed on a stall in Portobello Road market in Notting Hill, North...
A nurse treats a woman's eye at Morrfields Eye Hospital on City Road, London.
Pictures and signs in a clothes cleaning and pressing service in Marylebone,...
An automatic passport photo booth in Marylebone Station, London.
Marylebone police station, London.
An elderly woman sits in Searcys Coffee and Tea Rooms in Knightsbridge, London.
Children from a private prep school walk along a pavement in Knightsbridge,...
Raymond Bessone (11 May 1911 - 17 April 1992) a hairdresser, known as Mr...
A man stands next to a coffin on display at Repuke Undertakers in Islington,...
A man sits behind the Art Deco style counter in a fish and chip restaurant in...
An all night (24 hour) food and hot drinks stall in Islington, London.
People eating in Bray's Transport Cafe in Islington, London.
A bus is reflected in the window of a clockmaker and repairer's shop in...
Children on a tiny balcony of a residential council block on in Islington,...
A woman looks out from the balcony of a residential council block on Upper...
A man with a dog sitting on a bench in a park in Islington, London.
A man is reflected in a mirror displayed in the window of an antiques shop in...
Marbles clothes shop in Islington, London.
A mother and daughter in matching blue dresses and white tops at Hamstead...
A line of London Black Taxi cabs parked up in a row in Marylebone.
Tubby Isaac's Jellied Eel Stall in Aldgate, East London. After 94 years...
An elderly couple eating in an eel, pie and mash shop in the east end of London.
A man, seen through a window from the street, reads a book in a book shop on...
A bare-chested man downs a pint of beer at the 1972 Marylebone Beer Festival
Uighur man at the market.
Shenyang steel works, a state-owned factory.
Dairy farmers with their cows.
Housing for mining workers.
Condemned housing in the South Bronx.
Dairy farmers with their cows.
Workers cycling home from Baotou coal-fired steelworks.
Olympic archery team in training.
Men smoking marijuana.
Uighur mother and child, Turfan.
Rice planting.
Irrigation project in the desert.
Farmer fertilising a rice field.
Shark fins drying.
Children playing on a hillside.
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