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Only two huts (one out of frame) out of ten were left standing in a resort...
Roberto A. Laurel tries to tidy up the family home the day after typhoon Rai.
An image of Jesus among the floating debris inside the house of the Laurel...
Overturned cars lie strewn about in a rice paddy in the aftermath of Typhoon...
Flood water and damaged furniyure inside Loboc church in the aftermath of...
Deer near Kilmory, the Isle of Skye in the background.
One of the Island's 'roads' leading from Kilmory to Harris.
Kinloch Castle, built by Sir George Bullough in 1897.
Kinloch castle, built by Sir George Bullough in 1897.
The Rum ferry terminal.
Low cloud obscures the land as a ferry approaches the Isle of Rum.
Locals sit on a hill top overlooking Sarajevo at sunset.
Kinloch Bay.
Kinloch Bay.
Kinloch bay at dawn.
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