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Lightning illuminates the sky around the Sozacom building on Boulevard du 30...
A charcoal seller's stall by a busy unpaved road.
During the dry season, the Congo River's banks are transformed into quarries,...
A pair of dwarf crocodiles bound to a bicycle are wheeled through a market.
A woman places a foot on a dwarf crocodiles for sale in a local market.
A young man playing football with an improvised ball made of plant fibres.
People pressing palm oil.
The head of a poisonous green mamba snake.
A boy travelling back home in his canoe (pirogue) on the Congo River.
An entomologist collecting insects during an expedition.
Tonton, a fisherman, leaving his village to check his fishing nets upriver.
A sailor working on a cargo ship on the Congo River with a tigerfish he bought...
Workers in a palm oil factory.
Men fishing with mosquito nets, a method that threatens stocks by scooping up...
Two boys playing football in Lusinga, where rangers live with their families...
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