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Two of Lee and Laura's three children in the family home.
Claire drinking tea and watching television in the morning.
Claire drinking tea in a cafe in an indoor market.
A black lechwe (Kobus leche) drinking in a small river.
Students socialising and drinking in a park.
Two young women drinking a beer near the Lenin statue on Arat Square.
A family sits outside their decrepit wooden house, smoking cigarettes and...
A man collects drinking water from the Congo River in a harbour littered with...
Men playing chess and drinking tea near the Gur Amir mausoleum.
People drinking at an open air cafe.
mala 22 in Mollar slum, In the crisis of water there is the only source of...
Shooting a scene for 'Operation Kakongoliro' (Very dangerous operation) -Â...
Horses drinking from a river on the Assy Plateau.
Men drinking beer while walking along a street.
A child fills a bottle with purified drinking water.
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