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A guide looks over the city from the Juche Tower.
A worker stands beside games at an amusement arcade.
People laughing as they take a ride at a theme park.
The Ryugyong Hotel rising above the city centre.
Sunset over the city centre seen through a hotel room window.
Passengers and a member of staff wait for a train on a platform of the city's...
Passengers in a train on the Pyongyang metro.
Fireworks explode over the Junche Tower during a New Year's Eve celebration...
A diving platform beside frozen water in Nampo.
Buildings illuminated at night in Ryomyong New Town which officially opened in...
A girl playing a musical instrument is reflected in televison's screen at a...
A bed in a room in a hotel.
Rose patterned wallpaper inside a closet in a hotel room.
The Tumen River that serves as the boundary between China and North Korea.
Children and a woman play with a sled on an iced up river near the Chinese...
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