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A crowded residential area in the city of Linzhou.
A demolished house with flags around it in Linzhou.
A mineral collection factory in Linzhou.
An industrial water treatment and mineral collecting area in Linzhou.
An industrial area with factories and chimneys in Linzhou.
Rows of housing in Linzhou.
Vegetable growing at allotments next to a river in Linzhou, located at the...
Minerals are mined from the ground in Linzhou, located at the foot of the...
A pond contaminted with pollution, debris and garbage, next to traditional...
1980's housing in the city of Jiangyin.
Rows of graves at the modern cemetery in Jiangyin.
Demolition land contrasts the traditional agricultural land to make way for...
A complex road system and junction cuts through traditional fields and...
The city of Jiangyin and the Yangtze River.
Cranes mine coal from nearby supplies in the city of Jiangyin.
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