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Building labourers working outside Mercedes-Benz building.
Girl gets made up at a department store.
Sign saying "To Shops" in Chinese and English.
People dancing in front of department store.
A new sports car, a sign of the newly acquired affluence of some residents of...
Men talking on mobile phones outside a 'massage centre'.
Old people playing dominoes.
Traffic warden.
A man doing his early morning exercise.
New car parked next to old buildings which are in the process of being...
A woman glances into a shop window during sale time.
Woman selling a telephone at the Black Market.
Man walking past a derelict bar and night club.
Sign for the world-famous Mongolian Circus.
State department store.
TV repair man.
Second hand fridges for sale in an outdoor market.
Boarded-up shop front.
A man sleeping in the barren modern cityscape.
A ship on the Huangpu River, with the Pudong skyline behind.
Construction work in the centre of town.
An area being cleared for further construction work.
Elderly women enjoying the air.
Man cycling past a shop window.
A young girl listens to music in the CD section of a supermarket.
Two women shopping for clothes.
Billboard advertising a new Vacheron Constantin Swiss watch store opening soon.
A girl on an escalator in a department store.
Ladies toilet in a Shanghai shopping centre.
A man on a subway train sits beneath a video advertisement.
A man looks at duvets in Ikea while making a call on his mobile phone.
Girls pose for photographs in front of a Gucci store.
Cleaner walks past Prada store posters.
A man counts his money in a market.
Shoppers come out of the Hom Mart shopping centre.
Factory and pipelines.
A man demonstrates a karaoke machine in a supermarket.
Factory chimneys.
An old woman passes a poster advertising lipstick.
Workers prepare a shopping exhibition.
A woman sits down on a bed and yawns in the bedroom department of Ikea.
Families shopping at a market selling counterfeit goods.
Getting made up in a department store.
An old couple explore a new shopping complex in Shanghai.
Couple in the subway surrounded by Dulux paint advertisements.
A taxi outside the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, named after a great 17th...
An area being cleared for further construction work.
Looking upwards inside the Jin Mao Tower.
A young girl is photographed against a backdrop of Mount Fuji by her parents.
Group singalong in a park early one morning.
Panoramic view of the Bund and Pudong district.
Boat on the Huangpu River, with the Pudong district in the distance.
The Jin Mao Tower in the Pudong district, parts of which are still being...
Man selling food in the Pudong district.
Elevated roads.
Police car.
Young girls stroking a dog at the 7th Asian Pet Exhibition in Shanghai's main...
Two women at the 7th Asian Pet Exhibition in Shanghai's main exhibition...
Armani store.
A store assistant gestures to say 'no photography'. Luxury shops in Shanghai...
Women buying clothes in a sale.
Two girls descend an escalator after a day's shopping.
A young couple photograph a puppy at the 7th Asian Pet exhibition in...
A man holds a card showing counterfeit designer watches and handbags on sale...
A sales girl greets the customer in a Shanghai store.
Cleaning the pavement outside McDonald's.
Customers exit an Ikea store.
A huge model of a bag advertises a new Louis Vuitton (LVMH) store in Shanghai.
A spoilt child hangs on to his mother in a Shanghai department store.
Mother and child asleep in a fish market.
A sales assistant demonstrates the use of a mop at a supermarket in Shanghai.
Woman tying up horses in the snow.
The Pudong financial district.
Construction site in the Pudong district, with the Jin Mao tower in the...
Woman talking on her mobile phone.
A man photographs jellyfish in an aquarium.
Construction worker eating a lollipop.
Girl posing for photograph by the Huangpu river in the centre of the city.
Pudong skyline at sunset.
New building construction in the Pudong district.
Woman cleaning the glass in an aquarium walkway.
A woman sends a text message (SMS) from her mobile phone while waiting for a...
Contrast between old and new buildings in the Pudong district. The Jin Mao...
A man sleeping in the barren modern cityscape.
View from Jin Mao Tower looking towards Pearl Tower, both in the Pudong...
Pearl Tower seen through old buildings.
Family shopping in a downtown supermarket.
Workers emerging from the HSBC bank call centre. In recent years up to 800...
Modern building in Hi-tech City.
Satellite dish on the roof of a new office building in Hi-tech City.
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