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A couple arguing on the street.
Confucian temple.
Guinness sign.
Sign for men's and women's toilets.
Young boy.
Elderly rural couple.
Smiling man.
Smiling child.
Christian woman. Albania was declared an atheist state in 1964 by its...
A homeless man sleeping in Pennsylvania Station under an advertisement for...
Window cleaner (top right) at work on an office block.
Traffic crossing a bridge over the river in the city centre.
A satirical painting on the east side of the Berlin Wall by the Russian artist...
Young boy at the Wailing Wall (Western Wall).
Television screen.
Father with his daughters.
Women carrying children and heavy loads.
Packed city bus.
Bus in the city centre.
Housing estate in East Berlin. The graffiti reads "Angst!" "Me too!".
Playing 'babyfoot' - table football - on the street.
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