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Government troops place anti-tank mines along a road.
Scientists at Casey Station drill the Antarctic sea ice.
Rwandan refugees arrive at Benako refugee camp, fleeing the genocide.
Nelson Mandela votes at Ohlange High School.
Family eating lunch on the terrace of their half-built home in a suburb of the...
SOS children's village feeding programme.
Aerial view of Benako refugee camp, which shelters Rwandan refugees fleeing...
Cooking food on a hand-made mud stove at a United Nations (UN) High Commission...
Alex Kanyarengwe, Chairman of the Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).
Harvesting tubas at the SOS children's village.
Subhija Cehilc (45) plays ball with a group of children on an area of land...
Woman having an ultrasound scan in a clinic in an SOS Children's village.
SOS Children's village.
Aerial view of Khayelitsha Township.
Women cleaning goat meat in the Townships.
Ships in a dry dock.
The Tuinhhuis, official residence of the country's President.
Kids in the playground of a creche in Mamelodi Township.
A soldier smokes a cigarette as he sits on a tank in the street.
Military tanks line Palace Square, days after the Romanian popular revolt and...
Nyacyonga refugee camp sheltering internally displaced persons (IDPs) fleeing...
Women walk along a street past a war-damaged high rise building in the city...
Army tanks on street.
Exhumed bodies from a mass graves. They were victims of the Securitate, the...
Parliament Gardens.
Children play outside 'Homestead', a home for street children.
Nelson Mandela at a party in the Carlton Hotel.
A member of the congregation kisses a silver cross held by a Priest duing a...
White tourists handing out sweets on a tour of Soweto.
Boreal rainforest.
Computer class in a school run by the charity SOS Children's Villages.
Secondary school run by the charity SOS Children's Villages.
Worker on commercial farm with battery-powered radio.
Woman tending cotton crops on a commercial farm.
Family at a feeding centre in the Boa Esperanza camp for IDPs (internally...
Internally-displaced (IDP) children living in a tent provided by the UNHCR.
Youths drinking beer at the side of the street.
ANZAC Day parade.
Tracked vehicle on the ice plateau, near Mawson station.
Young girl in her grandfather's arms.
Hands of a detainee in Mbimba prison.
Clinic run by an NGO.
Woman tilling field with hoe.
Pokot herder in mountainous terrain.
Pokot tribeswoman.
Pokot tribeswoman.
Samburu warriors.
Samburu warrior.
HIV-positive woman with her children.
Funeral procession for an AIDS victim.
Children scavenging in the dust for food.
Methodist Sunday mass.
Protesters hold up a placard in defiance of the former leader of the Communist...
Army tanks on street.
Street dwellers in Palace Square, days after the Romanian popular revolt and...
Italian Dr Sabatinelli testing mosquitoes for malaria in a refugee camp.
Komora Haluszka at the Wieliczka salt mine. A sanatorium for people suffering...
Muslims doing evening prayer.
Watchtower on the Hungary-Romania border.
Burmese Muslim refugees carry their belongings in baskets.
Children clearing rubble outside the war-damaged former National Library.
Detail of a communist mosaic in Skanderbeg Square.
Washing cattle in the lake.
Young woman.
AIDS Orphan with care worker.
Class run by the SOS children's village charity, in the Memelodi township.
18 year old Emina Bakilc in the trenches on Mount Trebevilc.
View over houses and a valley in the birthplace of the former Albanian Prime...
Statue of Enver Hoxha, the former Albanian Prime Minister and leader of the...
A group of people gathered around a grave with candles and flowers, mourn the...
Communist-era housing blocks.
A baby in a cot in the Bjelave orphanage.
A former soldier in a hand-powered tricycle at an army amputee camp.
United Nations (UN) High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) employees Zainab...
Child and mother visiting the father's grave in a graveyard.
Rwanda child at Benako refugee camp which shelters refugees fleeing the...
Troops from the Tutsi-led FPR (Front Patriottique Rwandais), the Rwanda...
Student at SOS children's villages charity run primary school.
A family of former refugees at a transit point on their return to the country.
Woman with her children searching the city rubbish dump for firewood and...
Teacher takes a lesson in an orphanage.
Television image of the executed leader of the Communist Party of Romania,...
United Nations (UN) Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) mine clearing...
Landmine victims with walking sticks.
Rwandan refugee collecting water from a puddle in the road near the Benako...
A group of soldiers point a gun at a picture of the former leader of the...
Burmese Muslim refugees at prayer.
Burmese Muslim refugees.
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