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Cattle raised for beef and bull fighting.
Clean drinking water from a tap.
Ethnic minority woman breastfeeding her child.
Salination, caused by the over-irrigation of poor soil.
Innoculating fowl against disease.
Preparing cow dung on a stick as a fuel source.
Fishing instead of farming: good rice-growing land deliberately flooded by...
Zen Buddhist monk asking for alms from passers-by in the busy Shinjuku district.
Small post office on the island of Taketomi, off Okinawa.
Post office box on the island of Taketomi.
Transporting bananas by truck and bicycle.
Mobile clinic treating leprosy patients living on tea estates.
Buckled train track, part of the destruction in the aftermath of the Hyogo...
Cars dumped in a gully in the mountains near Shikoku.
Woman collecting water from a tube well stranded by rising flood waters on...
Market stall selling vegetables.
Obesity is a growing problem in China, where once it was rare. Changing diet...
Children scavenging on the streets and in destroyed buildings looking for food.
Woman collecting water from a well stranded by rising flood waters, Beel...
The Bishop's Zen garden in Tofukuji temple.
Modern high rise housing taking over from traditional low rise dwellings.
Family at a water pump on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.
Beef cattle, raised on Kobe, being transported to other islands.
Witch doctor curing dizziness.
Motorbike laden down with goods in the city centre.
The Lake View Club on West Lake. The wealthy in Hanoi like to show off their...
Destruction in the aftermath of the Hyogo earthquake which killed over 6,000...
Farmer with mangrove seedling.
Industrial air pollution.
Home visit by hospital outreach worker for HIV-positive woman unable to make...
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