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48 year old Natasha who is a sex worker, sits in bar on the outskirts of...
Natasha, 48, a sex worker, sits at a table in her flat. She started as a sex...
One drug user helping another inject 'Shirka', a home made drug made out of...
Marina, 38, is a sex worker. She was brought up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She...
A drug user makes 'Shirka', a home made drug made out of psuedoephedrine which...
Homeless teenagers go back to the service basement of an aprtment block where...
Alexander, 46, is an intravenous drug user and has been to prison. He says...
To men kissing in a gay nightclub.
Leaflets and condoms being handed out at a sexual health drop in centre.
A homeless teenager living in the service basement of an apartment block with...
Volunteer counsellor Tara Bik at the Emphasis project drop in centre. She and...
A woman ploughing her small plot of land by hand.
University students who are being trained as peer educators are taught how to...
An elderly woman sitting in front of her house.
Injecting home made "Shirka" - a stimulant drug made from psuedoephedrine -...
A child drinking rain water.
A girls looks out of a train window. She is returning with her family from...
University students who are training as peer educators are shown how to apply...
Saraswati Auji, who is a widdow and HIV positive, sews a piece of cloth on an...
Migrant labourers returning to Nepal from India.
A woman spreads out rice to dry in the open air.
A man ploughs a rice paddy with two oxen during the rice sowing season.
Women carrying baskets return from the field they are tending.
Border guards check the bags of migrant labourers returning to Nepal from India.
A man reads a newpaper.
A girl and her mother plough a field on a mountain side.
A woman in colourful traditional dress and jewellery.
A girl makes balls out of dung which is used as fuel for cooking and heating.
A client at the Palal Foundation Beauty Parlour 'Queer'. Palal is a community...
A boy walks down a muddy street holding an umbrella in a slum on the outskirts...
Simi, an employee, attends to a client at the Palal Foundation Beauty Parlour...
A woman washes pots and plates near her home.
Young girl with red ribbons in her hair.
A young woman walks over a makeshift bridge that spans a rubbish strewn and...
A woman wrapped in a shawl stands on a muddy street in an urban slum.
A woman who has migrated from Bangladesh to India with her two sons.
A girls holds a green umbrella sitting on a low wall on a side street of an...
A lab technician tests for the HIV virus at the Lok Nayak Hospital.
Two young girls carry metal jugs full of water back home from a communal pump.
A girls pumps water at a communal pump next to a river.
A man gathers water from a water pipe next to a polluted river.
A woman peels mangoes using a blade she is holding with her foot.
Drug users smoking home made drugs.
An intravenous drug user waiting to receive oral replacement threrapy at a...
Two intravenous drugs users at a drop in centre where they are given oral...
Nargis Pavin who worked in meat processing plant in Mumbai outside house...
A woman works in a field.
21 year old Ajay, who has been injecting drugs for five years, shows off vials...
Boy, Satkhira, Bangladesh.
A lab technician tests for the HIV virus at the Lok Nayak Hospital.
An intravenous drug user injects synthetic drugs.
A pharmacist administers oral replacement threrapy to an intravenous drug user...
landscape nr Balundabazar, Jessore district, Bangladesh.
Rubber tapping in the Cachoeira reserve.
A woman from the Fulani tribe near Joss.
Boys flying kites on a roof in Santa Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro.
Storing brazil nuts in the Cachoeira reserve.
Young women and a bar in Xapuri.
Alikeh Salleh in the classroom at Jawlaba primary school.
A girl guides her grandmother who has been blinded by glaucoma in a village...
A man builds a latrine in a village near Tamale.
A mother and her child at their house in Morro dos Macacos favela.
A toilet block in Xapuri.
A woman collects water from a lake which is also used by cattle.
A boy outside a traditional hut.
A girl studies in a primary school in the Cachoeira reserve.
A wife of a rubber tapper near Rio Branco.
A man from the Fulani tribe.
A girl holding a book in a primary school in the Cachoeira reserve.
A 'Profamilia' mobile clinic offering family planning advice in Bogota.
Trainee lamas in a lesson at Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharkhorin.
Marina Silva, former environment minister, speaking at the opening of a condom...
A view of a shanty town on the outskirts of Lima.
Marina Silva, former environment minister, being interviewed at the opening of...
A worker at the Children's Culture Centre taking pictures of the children in...
A girl collects water from a well.
A girl in a village near Kaduna.
A view of Villa El Salvador shanty town in Lima.
A rubber tapper at his home, with a poster of the environmentalist Chico...
A ger district of Ulan Bator.
A view across Santa Marta favela and central Rio de Janeiro.
A trainee lama in a lesson at Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharkhorin.
A rubber tapper and hunter in the Cachoeira reserve, also a nephew of the...
Raw sewage draining into a river in Lima.
A sex worker at a brothel that charges its customers in US dollars and accepts...
A girl in class at the Lotus Centre, a home and school for abandoned and...
A transvestite beauty queen in Bogota.
Elizabeth with water collected from a newly installed well. The well was built...
School children studying in a classroom in Kataba.
Students in a sexual health lesson run by 'Profamilia' family planning peer...
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