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Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister and leader of the Pakistan People's...
Men playing an AIDS awareness board game at a truck stop.
British Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) volunteer Virginia Pryart helping...
Maternity ward in a hospital.
Rural woman going to collect water from a tap.
Child in orphanage.
Muslim refugee.
Gypsy children on the back of a cart.
A psychiatric patient in Elbasan hospital.
Veiled woman reading.
Beggars put on a show on the beach.
San Bushman children practising the high jump.
Girls' secondary school.
Roma gypsy children, 30km north of Bucharest.
Roma gypsy boy with his father and horse, 30km north of Bucharest.
Farmers making hay.
A disabled Himaba man, victim of a landmine.
San Bushwoman.
Old men in Otjitanda village.
Himba man.
Shepherd with his flock.
Roma gypsy woman living in a camp outside Sibiu.
Himba woman and child.
San Bushwoman at Schmidtsdrift camp.
School boy and teacher.
A girls' secondary school.
Tourists talking to locals on the beach.
Tourist taking a photograph of a young Himba child.
Himba women.
San Bushmen. Boy from Makiri village. His horse is dying due to the drought.
Young beggar buried in the sand on Bombay beach.
Housing alongside rubbish-strewn river.
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