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Girl holds a bundle of harvested rice.
River crossing.
Children scavengers on a rubbish tip on the outskirts of the capital.
Children living on a rubbish dump on the outskirts of the capital.
A mother and her daughter watch their pig feed her babies.
The red variety of maize.
Elizabeth, Mother Superior of the Mary and Martha Convent in the capital.
A man tends to pepper plant seedlings at a nursery.
A woman at a communal washing house gives her children a bath.
Men clean their crop of coffee beans.
Gynacologist Joanna Bruno examines a Mayan Indian woman and her baby while the...
Graffiti depicting Che Guevara, painted onto a rough wall.
Man shovelling ripe organic coffee berries before they are processed.
Women walk past a sign which reads "Jesus is the only hope for you!"
Ripe organic coffee berries.
Harvesting organic coffee.
A Mayan man harvesting organic coffee.
Nurse Liz Remily (right) attends to patients at her clinic.
Kenyan Public Law Institute poster confronting the issue of violence against...
Paper-making workshop for street children.
7 year-old Constance Mabo removes corn from the husk.
People work scavenging on a rubbish dump on the outskirts of the capital.
Testing the humidity of coffee beans.
A family in their home in a slum.
An elderly man uses his mobile telephone as he stands next to his wife at the...
Former gang members hold a meeting of 'Men Against Violence', a youth...
The ruins of Managua cathedral.
A sign on the outskirts of the city advertises Konica Minolta photographic...
The Arc Fortress.
Courtyard of the Ulug Beg madrassah (Madrasa), an Islamic school in Registan...
Restoration of the Shah-i-Zindah (Shah Zindeh), Necropolis.
Statue of military leader Amir Timur (Tamburlaine the Great).
Detail of a ceiling at the Bakhauddin Nakshbandi Ensemble, a Sufic mausoleum...
Man at home with a table laid with tea, bread, sweets and nuts.
Woman selling corn, beans and lentils.
Young girls with flowers.
Baby with grandmother. The region has suffered severe drought and food...
An abandoned and rusting ship in the far Eastern territories of Russia.
A schoolgirl at the Catholic Mission Elementary school.
A woman washes clothes in Lake Atitlan while a man paddles past in a canoe.
Dr. Will van Wisse examines a Mayan woman at a clinic.
American parish priest Father Greg Schafer takes Sunday mass at the Catholic...
Ripe organic coffee berries.
American parish priest Father Greg Schafer takes Sunday mass at the Catholic...
Woman removing corn from its dried husks.
Satellite dish in a remote village.
Gypsies demonstrating against skinhead violence, which has led to deaths in...
Harvested rice in Roulim de Moura.
Nun walking past Coca Cola advertisement in the city's main square.
Catholics praying at a shrine to the Lady of Lourdes.
Chicken rearing.
Poster in Bata hospital urging people "Avoid AIDS, use a condom".
A woman sits outside a small shop at a market.
Woman selling cabbage and sugar at the local market.
Boy removing maize grains from the husk.
Farmer with organically grown cassava.
Woman drying corn cobs.
A grandmother and two girls harvesting squash.
Locally harvested organic coffee beans.
Cows forage on a rubbish dump on the outskirts of the capital.
Billboard advising couples to practise safe sex.
Midwives with new equipment supplied by UNICEF.
A man walks past an internet cafe.
A man and woman have a discussion at the marketplace.
Young boy.
The Mir-i-Arab (Mir Arab) Madrassah (Madrasa), an Islamic school.
The Kalon minaret and mosque.
The Kalon mosque.
Boys carrying sacks of food to the market.
View over the lake.
The weekly Mayan market.
View over the lake.
Lake Atitlan and street with a pizza restaurant.
Growers having their organic coffee beans weighed at the local co-operative.
Woman harvesting oranges.
Woman and children in Mayan dress walk through the weekly Mayan market.
A technician tests a child's hearing at a health clinic.
Italian tourists visit the Harem at the Tash Hauli Palace.
Detail of carved pillar and tile work at the Harem at Tash Hauli Palace.
The Kalon minaret.
Girl selling bread.
The West gate at sunset.
Boy rollerblading in front of the Mir-i-Arab (Mir Arab) Madrassah (Madrasa),...
View over the city.
Girl carrying mud brick.
Lambada tribal woman, Gopalroanagar.
Mother and child.
Family outside their home in Nam Ha village.
Anti-Israeli propaganda posters.
A settler farmer harvesting rice. The field was formerly part of the Amazon...
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