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A McDonalds fast food restaurant on Vitosha.
A Bulgarian flag hangs from a balcony above a street in Plovdiv.
Advertising signs for Citigroup, Actavis and Unicredit Bulbank on a roof top...
The Banya Bashi Turkish Mosque.
The 2nd Century CE Roman amphitheatre in Plovdiv commissioned by the Emperor...
The Bulgarian Orthodox Alexander Nevski Cathedral.
A view over the Sofia skyline towards Mount Vitosha in background.
A woman makes a telephone call in the Unique Estates property company.
A Wolof woman wearing a bright yellow outfit.
A traditional pirogue moored on the main beach at Goree Island.
The Dakar Grand Mosque. Built in a Margrebi style from designs by French and...
The Presidential Palace.
A policeman sits astride a motorbike.
A woman sits with her grandson.
The Dakar skyline looking towards the Central Mosque.
An election poster for Abdoulaye Wade, the President of Senegal since 2000.
A man checks his mobile phone.
Gypsy man.
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