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Women stop and joke with a cyclist during the yam harvest festival in Kiriwina.
Yam harvest festival. A girl prepares to participate in the yam-carrying...
Chief Alan K Dabwai and his nephew dress up to go to church in Tukwaukwa,...
Doctor Julie Carter tests the hearing of Jackline Athumani, 6.
Malaria research: spraying houses to collect adult mosquitoes.
Children playing.
Malaria research: taking blood samples.
Malaria research: health worker Tabitha Mwangi taking blood samples from...
Training for local shopkeepers in basic malaria medicines and treatment.
Children playing on the riverbank, an environment where mosquitoes thrive.
Malaria prevention: Charles Mbogo encouraging mothers to use neem leaves...
Baby with neo-natal tetanus being admitted to a hospitals High Dependency Unit.
Local shopkeeper selling basic malaria medicine.
Onions being grown in a field next to a new business college in Longtong...
Harvesting onions near a new business college in Longtong village.
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