Vlad Sokhin

Madamba, Tete Province, Mozambique

'To catch a rat is very easy', says one of the hunters Octavio Francisco Soba, 24 years old, 'First we find a hole in the ground where mice live. Than we dig it with our picks till we find one.'

In the Mozambican village of Madamba locals make a business of catching rats and other rodents and selling them on the roadside. One stick with 6 to 8 rats costs 10 metical (0.14 GBP) and each of the rat-catchers can make about 1.56 GBP per day. To chase rodents out of the brush hunters usually set fires that can spread over large areas. The Mozambican Wildlife service reports that in 2008 about 60 wildfires burned 200 houses killing 15 people.

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Vlad Sokhin
Madamba, Tete Province
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