Tom Pilston

England, Great Britain, UK, UNITED KINGDOM

10 year old Livvy poses with her mother standing behind at their home in Worcester. Livvy lives as a girl but was born as a boy. She has been told she may be able to start blockers early due to her state of mind. Her mother says: 'Livvy is petrified. The idea of living another eight years in a boy's body is horrendous - she has stood on the stairs pulling at her hair, screaming hysterically, saying 'I would rather kill myself than live in this body', blockers are a vital requirement for her sanity. To Livvy she is 100% female. She's a girl but she's got a boy's body.' Livvy has gender dysphoria, or gender identity disorder (GID), a condition where a person believes their identity to be different to their biological sex.

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Tom Pilston
England, Great Britain, UK
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