Robin Hammond

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

35 year transgender woman Nisha Ayub who was arrested and received a three month prison sentence for cross dressing (under Section 66, of the Shariah Law of Malaysia). She was imprisoned in the male section. She was humiliated daily. She had breasts implanted that same year and was made to walk topless through the prison. She was regularly verbally and physically abused. The guards shaved her long hair off, an important part of her female identity. 'My hair is my crown, it is my identity, it is the first thing I did when I got my independence – to grow my hair. I was in the chair crying as they cut it. I was begging, 'please, please, please' he just ignored me. As each hair dropped, so did my heart.' On the first day she was forced to perform oral sex on six men: 'I was scared, the guys were scary.' After that she sought protection from one of the prison guards in return for sex. Nisha says: 'one of the worst things about being in prison is that you don't feel like you own your body anymore, it's like people have the right to do anything to you.' Once released she found she had lost the job she had in a hotel. In order to get money to survive she became a hostess in a bar which meant she had to perform sexual acts for money. 'I heard there was a NGO in Kuala Lumpur helping trans people. When I went to prison, I didn't even know that law existed. When I came out of prison I was determined to fight and I wanted to help other trans people so I went to KL to volunteer.' Now Nisha advocates for other transgender women in Malaysia with a non governmental organisation. While many countries around the world are legally recognising same-sex relationships, individuals in nearly 80 countries face criminal sanctions for private consensual relations with another adult of the same sex. Violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender expression is even more widespread. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, Inter-sex (LGBTQI) individuals are bein

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Robin Hammond
Kuala Lumpur
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