Alfredo Caliz

Campo de San Pedro, Segovia, SPAIN

41 year old Eva Gonzalez (right), coordinator of the foundation Embrace the Earth. Eva was born in a rural environment, she had to go to the city for
her studies and then she came back. She works in Campo de San Pedro, Segovia where the offices of Codinse, the coordinating committee for the integral development of North-East Segovia, a non-profit organization that holds the presidency of Embrace the Earth. From her office she deals with and assists people that want to start a business in a village. "We don't give housing or jobs", she insists. They can help find funding for those who have ideas for businesses: "The opportunities of self-employment in the rural
areas are a lot more profitable than in any city".

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Alfredo Caliz
Campo de San Pedro, Segovia
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